Liz Murray works with moving image, performance, sound and installation, often in response to site and situation. Inherent within the work is a questioning of how matter, labour, status and authenticity are classified. She is interested in systems of value and in how they are perceived and maintained. Her work often involves a process of salvage. Found, everyday objects and materials of little value are reconfigured, temporarily elevating the status of the overlooked. Feature films are re-spliced and assembled anew; the contents of a stately home’s disused stables are inventoried and stacked to form a precise cube.

Some of the work is more time-based and processes of labour are examined eg. four artists dig a 2m deep hole over an eight hour period, or a collaborative project where the voices of trance mediums at a séance are edited to form a disembodied soundtrack to goad passers-by on a busy Newcastle street. Murray undoes the purpose or intention of things, to unlock the unseen potential for a new comprehension of the work.

Liz Murray completed her MA Fine Art at Chelsea in 2005. She was the recipient of the Red Mansion Art prize, which took her to Bejing in 2006. Recent exhibitions include 2016 ‘Matter’, Royal College of Art, London, ‘Is Mary Here Again’, 2009 Waygood Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne; 2008 ‘Terminal’, Tate Britain, London; Jess Flood-Paddock / Liz Murray’, Standpoint Gallery, London. Murray has been selected for a 3- month residency at Futura, Prague to explore the transformation of the Golem from Jewish myth to city souvenir emblem.

— Text from ‘Doris’, 2010 Standpoint Gallery / Stedefreund 

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Group exhibitions
2019 – There is Something Lurking in the Shadows that Might Be Interesting, Dyson Gallery, London                                                               2018 – Flight Mode, Assembly Point, London
2017 – Daybreak, Safehouses, Maverick Projects, London
2016 – Matter, Royal College of Art, London
2015 – Vertigo Rising, Five Years, London
2014 – Connecting Worlds, Drawing Room Projects, London
2013 – Format International Photography Festival, Deda, Derby

Commissions, Residencies & Workshops
2018 – Partisan Social Club, Beaconsfield, London
2016 – ‘Future Print Story’, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
2012 – Braziers Sculpture Park, Oxford
2011 – Youkobo Artspace, AIR residency, Tokyo, Japan

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