Exhibition at CGP London, Southwark Park
Curated by Clare Goodwin and Liz Murray

Featuring work by Maja Bajevic, Benjamin Beker, Astrid Busch, Kate Gilmore, Immo Klink, Susan MacWilliam, James Pogson, Anina Schenker

Feel the Force brings together the work of eight international artists whose practices engage with power and resistance. Force as psychological, physical, political; the appeal in the title to ‘feel’ the force suggests an emphasis on the instinctive or experiential over the factual or rational. A defining characteristic of force is that there are always relative positions; that of the object exerting force and of the one resisting it. Within some of the work on show it is not always clear who is victim and who is perpetrator. Force is approached variously by the artists as magnetic, psychic, military
or as an impulse of desire, such as the obsession of first love.

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