Exhibition at CGP London, Southwark Park
Curated by Clare Goodwin and Liz Murray

Featuring work by Gordon Cheung, Marianne Engel, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Isabelle Krieg, Jonathan McLeod, Bruno Pacheco, Rachel Reupke.

Intense, in tense or in tents? The title for the show has arisen out of a miscommunication. Future pluperfect (as opposed to blueperfect) is a Latin tense used in English grammar to describe future actions in the past and not the name of a spoof advertising – or colour-prediction agency. The artists chosen all create different contemporary agendas for past perspectives on the future – re-examining particular utopian / dystopian belief structures or schemes (cultism, religious prophecy, visionary thinkers and scientific theory) with the benefit of hindsight. Like the aural oversight kept in the title, there is a sense of idealism to these artists’ acceptance of others’ actions. They find new relevancy in evidence of fallen systems or outmoded ideologies plucked from the historical recycling bin.

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