Exhibition at CGP London, Southwark Park
Curated by Liz Murray

Featuring work by Cecilia Bonilla, Jemima Brown, Lucy Clout, Sarah Dobai, Andy Harper, Richard Healy, Hunt & Darton, Timo Kube, and Katy Merrington.

Now You See It features the work of artists whose practices engage with mimesis and reality. Although we know we shouldn’t always believe our eyes – that the camera can be persuaded to lie, that illusions, fakes, hoaxes and phishing attacks are a part of everyday life – disbelief remains hinged on our trust in images.
It’s the ballast necessary for us ever to be fooled at all. However, Now You See It is not a show of artists as illusionists per se. Instead it brings together a variety of works that invest in alternately concealing and revealing the innate trickery of their own production. As though slithering subtly beneath the veneer of the sensible and the everyday, the artists share an interest in tampering with rules of engagement with the image. They seem to suggest that the more ‘real’ an imitation appears, the more fraudulent it can be also.

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