• TCFN1
Without explanation or precedent, a group of 10 silver beings are brought to the southern end of Highbury Fields by two scientists. The ET’s make the green ‘island’ (formed by the boundary of pathways) their own, by wrapping it in silver, shiny and mirrored materials. Encouraged by the scientists, the ET’s are given various objects and playthings, which are used for sport. The ET’s are interior and contemplative in demeanour, prone to inexplicable social communing such as staring together at a point in space, synchronised lying down and pointing at invisible objects. They are social and non-hierarchical, working in small groups or all together.

Performance at Highbury Fields, London on 4th July, commissioned by London Borough of Islington

Katy Beinart
Christopher Coope
Nicky Coutts
Sarah Hart
Jenny Hunt
Jordan McKenzie
Alex Schady
Mia Taylor
Sally Underwood
Andy White

David Harrison
Liz Murray

Support Staff:
Rose Finn-Kelcey
Anna Kubik

12 performers, 10 silver spandex zentai suits, 2 lab coats, silver objects
6 hours
Photo credit: David Harrison
© Liz Murray